Chapter 8 and 9 Lesson Plan. (Bonding)



Here are the notes for Chapter 8 and 9 Section 1, Bonding.

Please read them carefully and refer to any text book pages mentioned in the notes.

Watch the Video on “Joining Atoms”.

There will be no homework on this section.



****UPDATE – MAY 6th****


Please read the notes for section 2.

Print off a copy of the Shape Chart.

Print off, or construct yourself, 10 copies of the Worksheet for Lewis Structure.

Watch videos Mapping Molecules (first 15 min), VSEPR Theory and Molecular Geometry, and Hybrid Molecules.



****UPDATE – MAY 11th****


Here is your final set of notes over Intermolecular Forces.

You can try the 5 practice problems to see how well you can do it or you can wait till tomorrow and we will do them together.  Try to fill in the I-forces on the ones we did in class to see if you can get them right.


****UPDATE – MAY 12th****

Here is the last test on Chapter 8/9.  The finished test is due by midnight on Friday, May 15th.



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